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we absorb the costs associated with sourcing, adminstering and housing data from the Registers of Scotland to provide you with free searchable access to property transactions across Scotland. We don't ask you to register and as such, we are not able to send you any form of email marketing. In return, we very much hope that one of our other services may prove beneficial to you in the future. The next time you need some specific research on a parcel of land or housing in Scotland, please keep us in mind

  • Land Register title Scotland

    We can provide a copy of the Land Register title for properties (where registered). The Land Register title is the replacement system of registration for properties that may have previously been recorded to the Register of Sasines. The format of Land Register title is laid out in a more modern and logical format with a text description and title plan and encompasses guarantees by the State as to the accuracy of the title. Reference is made to relevant information recorded previously in the Sasines together with a note of any earlier Sasine title

  • Edited electoral register

    We publish entries recorded on the edited electoral register for England, Wales & Scotland. This is also known as the open register. It contains names and addresses of people registered to vote throughout the UK. Access can by provided at Tracegenie

Register of Sasines title research


Sasines research

Titles recorded in the Register of Sasines provide a historical account of ownership. Most property has it's own Sasine search sheet. This includes a description of the property and an account of all the transactions that have taken place on the property. It is therefore possible to see all of a property's previous owners, what they paid, whether there were any charges, etc right back to the origins of the property. Unlike the Land Register, the Sasines are description based rather than map based. To find a search sheet, requires study of the indexes to establish how and what reference the property was recorded under. A property now known by a certain house name may infact have been recorded under a plot description - something like 23 poles 15 sq yards of ground situated next to the road ........... With more customers wanting to know the origins and history of their property, we are finding that our Sasines search is becoming increasingly popular and represents excellent value at £34.00


  • 1/. Account of ownership
  • 2/. History of transactions including former sales with prices, alterations to the subjects title.
  • 3/. Professions & addresses of former owners are often declared, particularly for older transactions.
  • 4/. Description of the property and land.
  • 5/. Origins of the property and land
  • 6/. Changes to the name or numbering of a property.
  • 7/. Details of charges
  • 8/. Details of sales by trustees upon death of owner or passing of title to beneficiaries.